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Why All Disease Begins In the Gut

Why All Disease Begins In the Gut

Why All Disease Begins In the Gut 

You may have heard or seen this quote from Hippocrates: “all disease begins in the gut” . It’s said that he used those words thousands of years ago, and current research is finding there’s much truth in this ancient piece of wisdom.

If you think your intestinal tract is only responsible for digestion and waste elimination, think again… your gut also plays a big role in immune system function, the synthesis of essential nutrients, and balancing neurotransmitters important for brain and mood health.

It’s even been referred to as our second brain by experts in the health professional community. I find this stuff fascinating!

It’s all about the health of our gut

Why You Need to Ditch Plastic ASAP!

Why You Need to Ditch Plastic ASAP!

Why You Need to Ditch Plastic From Your Life - ASAP!

There’s no denying it… plastic has overrun our lives, and not in any way that is good - neither for the environment, nor for our health.

Plastics are literally everywhere, especially in all aspects of food storage: containers, plastic wrap, zipper bags, straws - and everything else imaginable!

If you know me personally, you may know I’m a scuba diver. If not… well now you know, and I’m super passionate about animals and our environment. Seeing plastic underwater is one of the saddest things you can imagine, because the poor animals just have no idea what it is, and don’t deserve to live in our wasteland.

Here’s WHY and HOW to ditch plastic… ASAP.

Cherry-Ginger-Lime Smoothie

Cherry-Ginger-Lime Smoothie

Cherry Ginger Lime Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a great way of getting more fruits, veggies and nutrients into your day. This one has a bonus of being great for sleep!

This recipe has a natural source of sleep nutrients - Montmorency tart cherries! They’re naturally rich in melatonin, tryptophan (the amino acid responsible for the infamous “turkey coma”), vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium, plus a bit of Magnesium.

Give it a try and make sure to share it with a friend who has trouble getting their zzz’s!

6 Ways to “Biohack” Your Sleep

6 Ways to “Biohack” Your Sleep

6 Ways to “Biohack” Your Sleep...Naturally

When was the last time you woke up without an alarm, refreshed and didn’t need a big bucket of coffee to get going in the morning?

There’s no question that many of us want more and better sleep! But, with all of the distractions, and stresses of daily life - it’s a wonder how any of us sleep at all...ever!

I blame it on today’s culture of being busy all the time and feeling like we need to hustle through our day in order to succeed. For many, life seems to be a constant state of digital stimulation, hustle and bustle.

Truth is, not getting enough sleep impacts our brain health and memory long term, and even our body’s ability to detoxify and renew itself through cellular turnover and repair. 

So, it’s really no wonder that we’re seeing an exponential increase in diseases like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disorders, and adrenal dysregulation. In fact, lack of sleep messes with many of our hormones - and you know what happens when our hormones aren’t happy!

Speaking of hormones - did you know that we have 400 times more MELATONIN (the body’s natural “sleep hormone”) in our gut than in our brains? That’s reason enough to focus on gut health as part of a healthy sleep routine!