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Do you want to get off the dieting roller coaster, learn how to eat healthy, lose weight and have more energy?  

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Are you ready to dive in further? Health and Wellness is not a quick fix, I don't believe in fad diets and there is no magic pill. There is however lots to learn, and you will be rewarded with vibrant energy, new friends, and a supportive environment to reach your health and wellness goals. 

I help busy, professional women lose weight and eliminate bloating with simple lifestyle changes so they have more energy and confidence.

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My name is Gaylene Gomez, and I know what its like to be tired, bloated and frustrated with my health. As I worked through my own health challenges, I now have simple techniques that you can use, regardless of how busy you are. As a Nutrition Coach, I've worked with hundreds of women to help them boost their energy, lose weight and take charge of their health.

You want to stop feeling tired and bloated. I want to support you in becoming a more energetic, slimmer version of you.

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Taking even small steps can make a big difference!  

There is no time like the present when it comes to taking charge of your health.


“I love the holistic approach to healthy living. With Gaylene’s guidance and support I’m feeling better than I have in 10yrs. Thanks for assisting me on this journey. You are amazing 💜”
— Pauline W.