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I help busy, professional women lose weight and eliminate bloating with simple lifestyle changes so they have more energy and confidence.

I'm so lucky to work with such amazing clients.

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to help others.

Check out what some of my ladies have to say!

Pauline review

“I enjoy the delicious and yummy recipes that Gaylene posts. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. 

I love the holistic approach to healthy living. With her guidance and support I'm feeling better than I have in 10yrs. Thanks for assisting me on this journey and bringing essential oils back into my daily life. You are amazing 💜”

-Pauline W.

Jeanine review

“Gaylene knows her nutrition and writes and shares insightful information. I'm so happy that I found her and her teachings!”

- Jeanine L.

“Loving the advice, support, ideas and knowledge that Gaylene is sharing. Her 'real' plans & information for healthy living and the creation of her Food, Mood & Health Journal have helped to keep me on track with living and eating a healthier lifestyle for myself and my partner. Thank you!”

- Julie A.

Julie review

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“Before working with Gaylene, I didn't really think about what we ate. Now I put a lot of thought into my choices . It's become a habit to think about my meal choices. Exercises has also become part of my daily routine! Increased energy level. I love the motivation from the group. Having a place to go and see that other people are having similar issues is good, made me feel like I wasn't alone.”

- Treena B


“Gaylene communicated clearly, showed concern and enthusiasm in helping, provided great tips and ideas. She made everything seem so easy. Results seemed easier to reach, less effort. Change in diet magically showed results. I feel more toned and less mass, esp around abdomen, more energy. Working with Gaylene for this  program was Educational, Supportive and Encouraging”

- Terri H.

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“Gaylene at Compass Rose Nutrition makes healthy living fun. The information she provides is clear, current and always interesting. I love the fact that she is very approachable and offers personal private advice when needed but also encourages others to share their experiences so we can feel connected and supported.”

-Mariasol D.

Jess review

“Gaylene has so much knowledge about nutrition and gut health specifically. I’ve used her food journal to help me nail down issues with my health recently and she has helped me to make easy changes to my day to day. She always provides great content, tips and tools to support your wellbeing.”

- Jess L.

"I enjoyed the Sugar Free challenge, thanks so much. I will keep using a few recipes for sure. I want to keep trying and doing new challenges. I find that I stay on track better."

-Lana S.

Lana review


“Gaylene is such a positive and inspiring person. She is a huge help when it comes to trying to figure out a wellness path to take, and I love the positive attitude that she shares with us. Thank you for all of your help Gaylene! I have used a few of her programs, and they were very inspiring. I really loved the guidance. Straight forward and simple. Super duper loved the interaction between all participants.”

- Rhea K

Caitlin review

“As a competitive runner and working mom, I know the importance of good nutrition and healthy choices, but I sometimes don't have the time and energy to follow through on those good intentions. Gaylene has helped me multiple times to put myself first, and get back on track. Gaylene is supportive, caring, and understanding. She doesn't put pressure on you and is able to support you to achieve your goals. Gaylene has great recipes to share that are simple, healthy and delicious. I know that Gaylene is always there for me when I need her, no judgment. Thanks!”

-Caitlin F.

“Gaylene is super easy to talk to, she very comprehensive when answering any questions I have had. I am always finding useful tidbits of information.”

-Tina V.

“I noticed that my clothes fit better and I have fewer cravings for bad food. It has motivated me to think more about what I'm eating and plan ahead so it's easier to make better choices. I liked the FB group and how much other participants shared.”

- Christine R.

“With Gaylene’s knowledge and support, I have created a new healthier way of living. Consulting with Gaylene has been a life changing experience!”

- Joe T

“Loved this program! The support of the group and all the great information put together in an easy to understand format made making healthier habits so easy! It is rewarding when you make small changes to your eating habits and you realize you just want to keep going because you feel so much better! Gaylene was very helpful and answered questions when we had them. She was a great support!”

- Carla

“More energy all the time. Just loved it all. Good receipe ideas too.”

- Wendy F.

“Gaylene is amazing at what she does and is very passionate about helping people, so if anyone has the chance to go see her, you will not be disappointed!”

- Vicki J.

"With my job I travel approximately 250 days a year. I'm continually in contact with the public and in the past have struggled to stay healthy through cold and flu season. Last spring I began nightly use of the immune support oil and have been cold and flu free since! Thanks Gaylene for the recommendation!"

- Chris

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