You are in the right place if you want to lose weight, feel strong, sexy and healthy again.

(Yes- it's totally possible and EASIER THAN YOU THINK!)

You don't have to suffer with low energy, being overweight and having tummy troubles.

There IS a way out of the cycle of feeling yuck all the time. 

If you are tired of feeling bloated and tired all the time, then keep reading! 

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I'm Gaylene Gomez and if we are meeting for the first time, pop back and catch up on things here:  About Me

Your body, and your nutrition needs are unique

We don't all have the same eating habits, sleep, work, family.... or anything else. Because of that, I'm here to walk you through, step by step to make sure you lose weight and feel better FAST. 

Ready to dive in?

There are two ways you can get started working with me, click on the options below, pick the best fit for YOU!

xx Gaylene

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Private Coaching

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90 Day Energy Reboot

Low energy and stubborn weight gain are rooted in our gut health. My specialty is helping women to nourish their gut with healthy eating and essential oils so you can fight fatigue, get your energy back and finally lose that extra weight, so you can feel strong, sexy and healthy.  

A personalized program means we will make sure this program works for you. We will take into account your schedule, your life, your job, your family and your hobbies. Because all of that matters for your success.  

This is not a fad diet, and it's not a quick fix. But it WILL work. 

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Compass Rose Nutrition & Wellness Membership

Ongoing group membership

Compass Rose Membership

Womens Monthly Health Membership for weight loss and energy

Our health is not a quick fix, it's not one diet, it's not one meal plan. Staying healthy takes continual work, learning, support, motivation and creating healthy habits.

This membership is for you to learn about healthy eating, healthy living, and staying motivated along the way. 

This is an interactive group program where you get all the lessons as well as monthly challenges and motivation for on going support. 


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Gaylene communicated clearly, showed concern and enthusiasm in helping, provided great tips and ideas. She made everything seem so easy. Results seemed easier to reach, less effort. Change in diet magically showed results. I feel more toned and less mass, esp around abdomen, more energy. Working with Gaylene for this  program was Educational, Supportive and Encouraging
— Terri H. (Bavaria, Germany)
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Gaylene has so much knowledge about nutrition and gut health specifically. I’ve used her food journal to help me nail down issues with my health recently and has helped to make easy changes to my day to day routines. She always provides great content, tips and tools to support your wellbeing.
— Jess L (California, USA)

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Gaylene Gomez