Stressed, Tired or Low Energy? There's An Oil For That!

Stressed, Tired or Low Energy? There's An Oil For That! 

Are you interested in learning more about Essential Oils for your health? 

As a Holistic Nutrition Coach, I turn to natural products as much as I can. I do believe there is a time and place for medical doctors, and we are so lucky to have access to emergency care and medicine. BUT, I also think we need to be doing better at preventative care. 

You can't prevent everything... but you CAN prevent many things. 

When it comes to stress, energy levels and our health, prevention and immediate action is important so we don't get to the point of needing emergency care. 

But in this fast paced world of ours, it's often way past that point when we finally reach for help. 

Which is why I use, my family uses, and my clients use natural products such as Essential Oils. 

Are you stressed? There's an oil for that! 

Are you tired? There's an oil for that!

Are you sluggish or headachy or bloated, or not feeling your best? Then there are many natural, safe, easy to use oils for that. 

If only we could all feel our best all the time, then we would do our jobs better, be in a better mood for family and friends, have more energy to exercise regularly, spend more time cooking healthy meals. 

Health is a big cycle. If we are not feeling good, then we are not making healthy choices. But, if we ARE feeling great, then we will continue to make healthy choices. 

If there was a simple thing that you could include in your life for to feel better... would you? Of course! 

That's why I encourage my clients and family and friends to all try out Essential Oils. They have made SUCH a difference in my health, and so I want other people to feel the same. 

It's not just about smelling pretty, but using essential oils is actually about the health benefits they offer. 

This image below shows some of the uses for Essential Oils. Once Health Canada has assessed a product and decided it is safe, effective and of high quality, it issues a product licence along with an eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN). 

Essential Oil uses

Have you tried Essential Oils? I would LOVE to hear from you. Share your favorites in the comments below. 

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Gaylene Gomez, NNCP, C.H.N.

A little bit about me! I'm Gaylene, a Holistic Nutrition Coach for women. I work with busy, professional women to help them learn about healthy, simple lifestyle changes they can easily implement to reduce belly bloat, lose weight and get through their day with sustained energy. My clients are committed to their health and excited to learn about healthy eating and natural living. I feel proud of them for taking charge of their health and I'm so lucky to work with these amazing women. 

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