Healthy Holiday Plates

Healthy Holiday Plates

It seems that we're invited to a party, dinner or get-together every other night in the weeks leading up to and during the holidays. Unfortunately, most of the dishes that are brought along are not exactly healthy. Eating out has always been a bit of a struggle for me as there are many foods that I don't do well with and feel yuck after. We all tend to overindulge during the holidays season, tempted by all the unhealthy treats around. But to be honest with you, I get tired of all the rich and fattening foods rather quickly and welcome a healthy, fresh alternative. 

This is your year to shine with that healthy dish the next time you are asked to bring something to a holiday party. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Veggies and Dip- Just cut up some fresh veggies. Good choices are celery, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumber. Add some baby carrots and some grape tomatoes for added color! Serve with fresh guacamole, hummus or tahini and you are good to go! 

Fruits and Dip- Serve some fruit that is in season in bite size chunks with a side of greek yogurt or whipped coconut cream. Wash some strawberries, peel and cut up some apples, pears, cantaloupe and even some fresh pineapple for a sweet treat that's nice on the tummy. 

Cheese and Crackers- Make a platter of several cheeses and get a box of Mary gluten free crackers, or some other veggie crackers. Search around at your local grocery or health food store- the choices are much greater than they used to be. To make it even more fun, use some holiday cookie cutters and cut shapes out of the cheese. Just arrange everything on a platter and take it to the party. 

Bring a Salad- A salad of mixed greens with some other veggies mixed in always makes for a great side dish and will go with almost anything. Start with some basic mixed greens, preferably dark greens. I like to mix baby spinach with some arugula. Dice up some red and yellow peppers for color and some slices of cucumber for crunchy texture. Top it off with some grape tomatoes and you will have a colorful and deliciously healthy salad. I like to bring a few different dressings such as avocado, pesto and vinaigrette. 

What will you take to your next holiday party? You'll be surprised how well received your healthy dish will be. Plus, you'll know there will be at least one dish at the party you can fill up on that is actually good for you and your health! 

Are you in charge of dessert? Try this!

Cranberry Decadence


The key to healthier eating during the holiday season is to enjoy small portions or bites of your favorite foods. If you have a soft side for chocolate chip cookies then go ahead and indulge, but limit yourself to one a day or every few days. Of course the same applies if you prefer cheesecake or gingerbread men. Sometimes though, it’s nice to indulge in a dessert that is not only decadent but delicious and healthy too. This is a healthy alternative to a cranberry trifle that is full of superfoods that won’t leave you feeling groggy and bloated. Win Win!

Simply take some cranberry sauce (homemade preferably) and top with some whipped coconut cream, add a shortbread on top and there you have it! A healthy dessert that is good for you AND tastes amazing. 



Let me know what you are going to take to your holiday party- comment below! 

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Gaylene Gomez, NNCP, C.H.N