Try These Yummy Infused Water Recipes

Try these Yummy Infused Water Recipes

We all know we need to be drinking more water- but sometimes it hard.

Whether you are not thirsty, you forgot, you didn't pack your water on the go, or drinking plain water is just boring- it often happens the day slips away and we haven't had enough. 

Reasons to drink more water include:

  • maintain a healthy weight

  • improve energy levels

  • improve skin elasticity and appearance

  • improve digestion- keeps things moving!

  • this list could go on and on!

Signs you are not drinking enough water: 

  • fatigue

  • hunger

  • dry mouth

  • rarely urinating

  • dark yellow urine

  • there are many more signs, but those are a good start.

Infusing water with fresh fruits and herbs is a yummy and healthy way to drink more! It adds flavor, color and nutrients! 

Here are a few tips to get started: 

  • use organic whenever possible. when you are soaking the fruit/ herb in your water, you do not want to be drinking any leftover chemicals that has been applied.

  • wash it up before putting it in your water.

  • use a variety of foods until you find a mixture that you like.

  • mix up in the evening, and let it soak overnight- this will give you the most flavor and health benefits.

  • use a jar(with lid- like a mason jar) or a glass water bottle.

  • use cool or cold water unless you are making into a tea, or a hot lemon drink.

Recipes to try:

The best recipes are the ones that you can change up with whatever ingredients you have on hand. I want to keep it simple, so use these suggestions as a guide, and create your own yummy infused water with foods that you love! As for amounts, start with a little bit and increase to your taste. The goal here is to drink more water, so add as much as you want to your liking. 

Yummy Infused Water Recipes.png
  • Lemon - lemon is one of the most popular things people to add to water, its refreshing, great for digestion and super easy. Cut lemon in half and use a lemon squeezer to add to water. Or you can slice it up and toss it in with rind still on.

  • Cucumber- if you ever go to the spa, this is a popular drink. Cucumbers add a nice, light flavor and are a very simple addition. Easiest way is to slice the cucumber and add slices to your water.

  • Mint - sipping on mint water is very refreshing. Its great for digestion and can be mixed with either of the above to create a nice flavor. Just a few small mint leaves add a lot of flavor.

  • Rosemary - I love fresh rosemary, its so invigorating. Cut a sprig and give it a good shake once you put in the water to get the flavor to come out. It can get quite strong so start with a small piece.

  • Ginger- This one is also great for digestion. Drink it in times of stress, such as road trips to settle the tummy, or when you have nerves about a big event!

  • Pineapple- Pineapple sweetens the water up just right. Its great mixed with mint or ginger! This is one drink you might want to put a little umbrella in ;-)

  • Grapefruit- Cut into slices and is great mixed with ginger or rosemary. Very refreshing!

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I hope you enjoy these water infusions. If you want more simple, healthy living tips, recipes and other women to join on your journey, join my private Facebook Group below. 

Gaylene Gomez, NNCP, C.H.N.

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