You Don't Have Time To Eat Healthy? I Have A Solution!

You Don't Have Time To Eat Healthy? I Have A Solution!

I grew up eating very healthy with my family- typically a meat, veggies and potatoes on the dinner table each evening. Not many sweets except for home baked desserts. 

But then, I grew up, started to work long hours, travel, be a student, get a new job, and healthy eating was never a priority and if it was, I was too busy, didn't have access to the healthy foods I should be eating or didn't have time (or was too lazy) to prepare healthy meals every day. 

My health suffered, and my tummy suffered. I had terrible stomach pain, and had to take a long time to heal, recharge my batteries and my health. 

Today- I am feeling great!  And much of that improvement is from Juicing.

Juicing is a fantastic way of getting tons of fruits and veggies into your diet. You can toss in such a variety of foods, drink it up and be good to go for the rest of the day. My husband and I included this habit in our day quite a few years ago now- and it has made such a difference to my tummy troubles. (as long as we stick to the habit- I sure notice it when we stop or travel or get side tracked)

Many of us do not eat enough vegetables. Go to any restaurant and look around, you will see  plates with starches and meat (rice and steak) with only a small portion of veggies on the side, or maybe a small salad to start.  Is that how you eat too? There's a good chance, as that is knows as the typical diet. If you fill up on that- of course there is no room left for the amount of veggies we should be eating (and need, to stay healthy).

When you start your day with fresh juice, you set yourself up for success. You are getting all those vitamins, minerals, nutrients in a pure, clean, easy to absorb way, that your body will thank you. 

I'm not saying you can eat junk the rest of the day- but you can be rest assured that your healthy choices and the vitamins and minerals you NEED for your body are already in you without spending too much time. 

If you are new to Juicing, it doesn't have to be scary, or hard or taste yucky. In fact, its quite easy, and when you get in the routine its also quick.

Have you tried juicing?

I would love to hear what you think, comment below! 

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