How To Make Veggie Juice Taste Good!

How To Make Veggie Juice Taste Good!

Juicing has a bad name for tasting awful- but it doesn't have to be that way! I have a few tricks to help you actually enjoy drinking carrots and spinach ;-)

Are you ready to make yummy and healthy vegetable juice?

  1. Always add a piece of fruit to sweeten it up. An apple, a pear, or an orange will do wonders if you are just getting started juicing.

  2. Start with easy to juice veggies like cucumbers or zucchini. They both have a high water content, so you get a lot of juice out of it, and they don't have a strong flavour, so it goes down pretty easy.

  3. Do you like ginger? Cut off a piece about 1/2 inch long and toss it into your juicer. A little goes a long way, gives your juice a bit of kick, and you won't even remember you are drinking broccoli.

  4. Finish off with an herb such as mint or basil and perhaps you will really start to enjoy it!

  5. Sometimes seeing a green drink is enough to set off the dislike taste buds. Try using a colored cup or a coffee mug so your eyes are not making the decision on how it tastes.

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Do you have any tips on making your juice taste good! Please share below!

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Happy Juicing!

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