How To Get Over a Cold, FAST!

How To Get Over a Cold, FAST!

It's that time of year, germs, colds, the flu- you name it. Is everyone around you sick right now?

If you go to any public space from a shopping mall to an airport you will hear coughing, sneezing and sniffling. 

As I am writing this, I have a cold. Blah. My husband was sick last week and I did my best to not get it, but as we live in a teeny tiny place, there was no getting away from his germs. So, I now have a cold that has left me with no voice, and I thought I would share some of my tips to get over a cold, fast. Nobody wants to feel like this for very long!

  1. Drink lots of water and herbal tea. Stay hydrated. To help flush out the germs, and give your body its best chance to work properly, stay hydrated. 
  2. Rest. Trying to keep up your normal schedule isn't practical when your body is run down. You do need rest, and let your body use all of its energy to fight the cold off. Grab a blanket, turn on Netflix and curl up on the couch for a day (or two). 
  3. Load up on vitamins! From hot lemon and honey drinks and zinc lozenges to vitamin C and echinacea, give your body its best fighting chance by ensuring you are eating healthy and loading up on vitamins. 
  4. Keep linens clean. When myself or my husband are sick, I wash all the bedsheets and towels more often. Who wants to sleep on a pillowcase that you were coughing on all night last night. Uuugh. 
  5. Hot baths. Nothing better than a hot bath, with epsom salts, and a few drops of essential oil to clear things out. Sit back with a good book and relax. 

If you do all of these, and take GOOD care of yourself for a couple days, usually cold don't stick around for very long. 

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I hope to feel better soon! Going to make some tea, and back to the couch ;-)


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