Gifting the Gift of Health and Fitness

Gifting the Gift of Health and Fitness

Are you wanting to give the gift of health this year instead of a pair of socks or useless gadget?

Here are some tips for healthy gift giving this holiday season that will help you give a nice gift that's not only useful but beneficial too!

First, understanding the benefits of good health and regular exercise yourself will allow you to share a gift with someone in the true spirit of love and concern for them. If the recipient can understand you are looking out for their best interest and want them to live a longer and healthier life, the gift will be well received.

Second, select a gift that can also be used when the person is not exercising. A nice sports watch, for example, can be worn as a regular digital watch on a regular basis, then kick into timing laps or keeping pace when the person is working out.

Here are some ideas to get your Healthy Holiday shopping brainstorming ideas started:

  • High tech gadgets, like a sports watch with gps, speed, distance timer etc.

  • Essential Oils! Diffuser blends for the holidays are really popular.

  • Health Coaching package- for example an ongoing membership like mine where you learn about healthy living all year. Sign up WITH your friend so you can do it together.

  • Healthy Food Gift Pack- with healthy tea, nice coffee, or a variety of olive oils and vinegars. Check out your local health food store, it’s pretty easy to put together a healthy food gift pack!

  • Natural Body Care Product- think natural soap, face cleanser and other non-toxic products (I personally LOVE to get this stuff)

  • Gift Certificate to a pilates or yoga studio, or to a local healthy shop in your town.

Whatever health and fitness gift you decide to give this holiday season, be assured you are helping the recipient live a better and healthier life. That's truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

Check out my store for some extra ideas! Click the button below for some ideas:

I would love to hear your ideas of healthy gifts! Use the comments below to share your ideas!

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