12 Healthy & Awesome Ways To Use Coconut Oil

12 Healthy & Awesome Ways To Use Coconut Oil

You have probably been hearing about all the benefits of coconut oil.

If you haven't... you can learn more by reading 5 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil. If you know about the benefits, but don't know what to do with it, I'm here to help! 

Coconut Oil has been a staple in my family for awhile now, and we seriously use it ALL the time. Here's a few of my favorite ways. 

  1. Toss in your frying pan for anything you normally fry with canola or vegetable oil. It will cook the same, taste delicious, and be way more healthy. Cooking with coconut oil at high heat is fine.

  2. Use it to grease your crock pot, muffin tins, baking dishes- or anything else you need non- stick.

  3. Use it to make a grilled cheese sandwich. YUM. I don't eat much bread or cheese these days, but this is a super treat with whatever dietary restrictions you might have (gluten free bread or non dairy cheese).

  4. Make popcorn! Add a teaspoon in a pot over medium heat. Get nice and hot(medium-high heat), then toss your kernals in, put the lid on and lightly shake pot until all popcorn is popped.

  5. Toss a teaspoon in your next smoothie. It won't make it oily, and it will boost the healthy fats in your drink.

  6. Use in baking! If your recipe calls for vegetable oil, switch it out for coconut oil (warm first so it is liquid).

  7. Make homemade chips - like kale chips or chickpeas! Here's an easy recipe: Kale Chips

  8. Oil pulling- put a teaspoon in your mouth, and swish around as long as you can. Make sure you spit it out, as swallowing it is not good since its full of the toxins. Not familiar with oil pulling, just ask google.

  9. Dry heels or elbows? Add some coconut oil to your daily regime. Slather it on, and you will have soft skin in no time.

  10. Eye make up remover- add a bit to a cotton ball, and swipe over your eyes for clean fresh skin.

  11. Use it with Essential Oils before applying to skin. This will dilute the Essential Oil, and let you apply directly to skin for benefits.

  12. Lip Balm- a dab of coconut oil goes a long way to moisturize your lips. There are all kinds of homemade lip balm recipes that add color or flavor as well.

There are so many ways to use coconut oil, and we are trying out new ways all the time.

I would LOVE to hear how you use coconut oil at your house. Comment below! 

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Gaylene Gomez, NNCP, C.H.N.

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Photo- by Mariasol Danziger. Photo taken in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Photo- by Mariasol Danziger. Photo taken in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands