5 Reasons to shop at your local Farmers Market!

5 Reasons to Shop at your Local Farmers Market!

It's that time of year! Markets are available in almost every small town- and you should spend a morning at one! Or lunch, or afternoon. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Your Local Farmers Market:

  1. Great opportunity to 'shop local'. Spending your money at a local market helps to support your local farmers. Keeping the money in your area helps many small businesses. 
  2. Often fresher and healthier! Buying fruits, veggies or baking at a market often means foods haven't been picked before being ripe, or sprayed with chemicals to make them last for weeks until you purchase. This ensures nutrients are more complete. 
  3. Great opportunity to try new things- chat with the vendor and ask them how to choose ready to eat foods, how to prepare and often they will even offer you a taste of their produce. 
  4.  Often you will find organic, pesticide free and herbicide free produce. It feels great knowing the source of your food, and even chatting with the farmer who grew it. 
  5. Great opportunity to get out and meet up with friends and neighbours. Strolling through a farmers market is a fun and social activity for the whole family. Fresh air, healthy foods, yummy smells, and often a  great place to grab lunch and get out of the office. 

If you are looking for a market in your area you can probably find out online. If you are in Alberta, visit THIS WEBSITE.

Maybe I'll bump into you at a market one of these days! I spend a lot of time there! 

Gaylene Gomez, NNCP, C.H.N. 


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