The Four Pillars Of Health (Pillar 2- Exercise)

The Four Pillars Of Health

Pillar 2- Exercise

Have you ever heard the saying ‘You can’t outrun a bad diet’. It’s true!

BUT exercise is important. Finding balance and incorporating all the different and necessary pillars of health is our current topic.

This Four part series is a fun way to discuss the different areas of our health and live that we should be focusing on.

As you watch the series, you can think about which ones you are doing really well at, and which ones need more work.

Get ready for the Four Pillars of Health- Part 2

So? What do you think. Is exercise an area you need to work on? I would love to hear, let me know in the comments below.

If you haven’t watched part 1 yet, it is all about nutrition and healthy eating. You can watch it now here: Pillar 1 Nutrition

Stay tuned for Pillar 3 and Pillar 4. We need all 4 of these to work together to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Pillar 2- Exercise