What Is A Compass Rose?

What Is A Compass Rose?

When I started my Nutrition business, I wanted to really be here for you, to support you, and during a long walk with a friend one day about 4 years ago now, we brainstormed what that means to me, what the vision of my business is, and how I can serve you best.

Do you come up with your best ideas on a long walk too? For me, it's either during a walk or while I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep...

Anyway, that is where Compass Rose Nutrition & Wellness came from. During this long walk with a good friend. Once we both chatted about it, we loved it more and more and more!

You might be still asking though- what the heck is Compass Rose? So I made you a short video so I can explain it and show it to you!

So... now you know!

I'm here for you every step of your journey.



P.S. Whenever you’re ready, here are the 3 best ways I can help you:

1. In my Nutrition Resource Library, I have a bunch of healthy recipes, meal plans, food journals and more! 

Click here --> https://courses.compassrosenutrition.ca/nutrition-resource-library

2. Inside the Compass Rose Nutrition & Wellness Membership, you will learn how to set up your very own Nutrition & Wellness program for lasting weight loss and energy, with support and encouragement by myself and other members

Click here --> www.compassrosenutrition.ca/membership

3. By using the Nourish Method, I will walk you through all the steps to lose weight, have more energy and feel amazing. Private 1:1 coaching to address your personal questions and concerns.

Click here --> www.compassrosenutrition.ca/work-with-me