Skin Mapping

The Art of Skin-Mapping

The Art of Skin-Mapping

The Art of Skin-Mapping: A New Method of Determining your Internal Health from the Outward Condition of Your Skin!

Health science has advanced to impeccable and seemingly impossible levels. What was once thought to never be cured has been eradicated from the health scene completely.

With all these incredible advancements, there has been a new surge of studies in one particular old therapeutic and pseudo-medical practice: Skin-Mapping, taking the condition of skin in particular regions of the body and predicting internal health based on those findings.

I find this such an interesting topic, so I wanted to share with you some of what I have learned. I used to suffer from acne, and still do sometimes. It was really frustrating and I learned that it was very connected to my gut health. Once my gut health improved, my skin cleared right up! I was amazed, and impressed.. and it got me thinking about all the other connections out there as well. And now, when I start having tummy troubles, it shows on my face.