Is Salt Bad For You?

Is Salt Bad For You?


You've heard it on the news for years now, salt is bad for you. Fast food has too much salt and you should do everything you can to reduce salt intake. 

So, what's in the news now- salt is GOOD for you? What? How can that be?  First you hear salt is bad for you, then salt is good for you, it's so confusing!

I want to help straighten it out, and clear things up. 

Salt aka Sodium Chloride and also written as NaCl comes to us, the consumer in various forms. 

Table salt, which is the main salt you find at the grocery store, IS bad for you, or at the very least isn't good for you. During mass production, including heating to high temperatures,  minerals have been removed and it has lost most of its health benefits. Its main purpose is to provide flavour to your food, not nutrients for your health.