Hide the Candy!!!

Hide the candy!!!

The day after Halloween is when the sugar rush is finally over in many households and just getting going in many others!

What's the best thing to do with all that candy?

....  Get rid of it!

Having sugar filled treats sitting around the house is just asking for trouble. If you can convince yourself to make them go away, you will not be tempted, you will not have them to turn to when you feel snacky, and you will not have them catching your eye when you open the cupboard.

We all know sugar is bad for us, but it's sometimes things like Halloween, desserts, or holiday candy that is part of a tradition that gets in our way. 

Many of my ladies say they struggle to NOT eat it if its around them. So... what's the answer? 


If you are ready to ditch the sugar, or want to see if you can do it, then join my 5 Day Sugar Free Challenge- and kick the habit. Its free to sign up, and will help you with ideas, recipes, motivation and tips to replace your sugary foods, and get over the sugar addiction.

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Let's support each other and move away from all this crazy amounts of sugar in our lives, 

Gaylene Gomez, NNCP, C.H.N. 

A little bit about me! I'm Gaylene, a Holistic Nutrition Coach for women. I work with busy, professional women to help them learn about healthy, simple lifestyle changes they can easily implement to reduce belly bloat, lose weight and get through their day with sustained energy. My clients are committed to their health and excited to learn about healthy eating and natural living. I feel proud of them for taking charge of their health and I'm so lucky to work with these amazing women. 

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